National Plan Pillar 6 - Research
Pillar 6: Research
Support, conduct, and disseminate high quality research that will inform child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention practices and amplify impact and outcomes.

Guiding Principals

Empirical evidence informs effective prevention strategies and must be a priority in abuse/exploitation prevention efforts. 

Effective prevention practices are best informed by quality research that is current, rigorous, ethical, and transparent. 

Collective understanding of victimization and perpetration (i.e., causes, risk factors, protective factors) depends on quality research. 

Key Objectives

Conduct research to better understand the scope, trends, risk factors, and consequences of sexual abuse/exploitation and advance the effectiveness and implementation of primary prevention. 

Adequately fund new and ongoing research to build and expand upon relevant evidence. 

Share and communicate current, quality research and promote dialogue about how research informs current practices and strategies in development. 

Translate, disseminate and utilize research to inform and support all types of programmatic policy, advocacy, awareness, prevention, and practice efforts.