National Plan Pillar 5 - Org Policies & Practices
Pillar 5: Organizational Policies & Practices
Develop and reinforce comprehensive organizational policies, practices, norms, and beliefs that emphasize youth protection and the primary prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Guiding Principals

Organizational policies and practices that prioritize the healthy sexual development of children and the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation create safer environments for children. 

Policies and practices that inform and address all levels of the social-ecological model are more effective. 

Organizations have greater impact on youth protection when they create a culture of support and accountability. 

Key Objectives

Establish and enforce organizational policies and practices regarding child safety that are standardized, evidence based, and child centered. 

Ensure policies and practices extend to organizational attitudes, behaviors, norms, and beliefs by establishing an overall culture that prioritizes child safety. 

Provide meaningful, effective, and ongoing training to all relevant stakeholders on policies and practices, as well as topics related to child safety. 

Commit to regular and transparent reviews and updates of policies and practices. 

Ensure policies and practices are communicated to staff and other professional caregivers, as well as parents and guardians. 

Build collaborative, community, and family partnerships that elevate the value of children and promote comprehensive prevention education, practices, and support. 

Ensure resources and strategies address harmful sexual behaviors by adults and between youth.