National Plan Pillar 4 – Funding & Capacity
Pillar 4: Funding & Capacity
Advocate for and provide sufficient, committed, and sustainable funding to build organizational capacity and advance accessible and successful child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention measures.

Guiding Principals

Adequate funding along the entire continuum of prevention (research, policy, programs, awareness, evaluation) is essential to the success of evidence-based, scalable, and replicable efforts to prevent and end sexual harm to children. 

Prevention is amplified when funders invest in organizations demonstrating their commitment to child protection as well as those who participate in innovative and collaborative projects. 

Capacity building supports the sustainable growth of organizations – operationally, programmatically, and financially, to effectively advance prevention. 

Key Objectives

Advocate for sustainable public and private funding at local, state, and national levels that strategically focuses on primary prevention. 

Demonstrate and communicate the economic cost of abuse/exploitation and the investment in prevention as a benefit to communities and society. 

Adequately fund across all prevention efforts including evidence-informed policies, advocacy, awareness, research, programs, and practices to minimize scarcity and ensure equitable distribution of resources. 

Expand capacity for prevention-focused efforts by prioritizing adequate resources that are adaptable to current needs.