National Plan Pillar 2 - Awareness & Education
Pillar 2: Awareness & Education
Develop and reinforce awareness messages and education strategies to enhance community engagement and social movements that strengthen comprehensive sexual health and child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention education.

Guiding Principals

Public awareness is most effective when paired with accessible and appropriate education and resources. 

Holistic awareness messages that are positive, proactive, and include lived experiences shift perception, motivate individuals to action, and better impact change. 

Widespread prevention education initiatives within fully engaged communities that are evidence-informed, culturally competent, and include evaluation strategies will have the most impact on changing societal norms and moving awareness to action. 

Key Objectives


Promote awareness messages and prevention efforts that are inclusive, framed positively, and that can be personalized/customized for various stakeholders, including youth, experts, organizations, researchers, policymakers, and those with direct life experience. 

Provide targeted messaging to the public and professionals in the field about the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, the effective impact of prevention on countering demand, and strategies to decrease the normalization of sexual harm. 

Engage a variety of stakeholders in developing and distributing prevention education and communication strategies, including boys and men, youth, and survivors. 

Develop, utilize, and promote prevention education that supports positive social norms and teaches strategies that foster protective factors and reinforce healthy development. 

Support expansive community-based, and collaborative primary prevention initiatives to increase impact.