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Speak with a unified voice

The Coalition remains committed to prevention and to work together as a field of like-minded leaders with a unified voice in the field to advance our work collectively.

The Coalition believes in the following values:


We believe the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation is possible and is fundamental to protecting children from experiencing physical, psychological and spiritual trauma. We advance a comprehensive definition of “prevention” that includes stopping abuses before they happen and promoting intervention to prevent the reoccurrence of abuse and exploitation. Prevention includes stopping abuse in physical and digital environments, promoting healthy child development and protective factors to minimize the risk of victimization, early interventions with those who may be at risk of perpetrating abuse or of being abused, as well as effective treatments to minimize harm.

Dignity and Health for All Children

  • We dedicate our skills, resources, and energy to creating a culture that fosters children’s dignity and health through the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation. 
  • We believe that all children are entitled to safe, stable, nurturing relationships and childhoods free from sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • We demonstrate collaboration and welcome all types of diversity.

Adult and Corporate Responsibility

  • We appeal to all adults to act on their individual and societal responsibility to protect children so that all children may experience caring connections with peers and adults and safely grow to experience full, healthy, and productive lives.
  • We call on corporations to join in an examination of all their organizational practices and policies to assure that they are not fueling demand for child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • We commit to work collaboratively with the government, non-profit sector, and private industry to find, cultivate and fund the solutions necessary for prevention strategies to flourish.
  • We stand united against the factors that feed demand for child sexual abuse and exploitation whether committed for individual or commercial gain. These include, but are not limited to:  sexual objectification of children, commercial sexual exploitation, pornography, and the hyper-sexualized consumer culture.


The Coalition was formed as a means for coordination and collaboration among a wide variety of organizations and individuals committed to prevention.

Together, the Coalition wrote a National Plan to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation that is being utilized in communities across the United States since 2008.


The purpose of the National Plan is to keep prevention in the front of peoples’ minds and hearts in such a powerful way that the normalization of such abuse and exploitation for individual or commercial gain becomes socially, economically, politically, and spiritually unacceptable in our nation and the world.

Each of us has a sphere of influence that can be leveraged to advance prevention!

Mobilize for Action

The National Plan lists six key action areas to promote prevention:
  • Research
  • Public awareness
  • Ending the demand
  • Policies and organizational practices
  • Collaborative practices
  • Funding

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The individuals and organizations listed as part of the National Coalition are or were part of the Coalition and have endorsed the general concepts underlying information on this website. As with all documents covering a broad area, it is important to recognize that the degree of commitment to particular items on this site may vary from organization-to organization. The website does, however, represent input from all representatives and their commitment to advance the work of the National Coalition in ways that fit within their missions and the larger Coalition goals.

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