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The time is now. It’s on all of us to end child sexual abuse before a child is harmed. Prevention must be our focus. And prevention-related policies are vital to changing the way systems work, influencing how people behave, and creating accountability that it will happen.  

Yet no one policy can do it all. A wide range of policies are needed. That’s why the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation developed Six Pillars for Prevention – to articulate important elements of a comprehensive policy agenda as a tool for communities to use to expand this conversation.  

Prevention policies should focus on:

  1. Strengthen Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs) Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Capacity

  2. Support Healthy Development of Children

  3. Promote Healthy Relationships and Sexuality Education for Children and Youth

  4. End the Demand for Children as Sexual Commodities

  5. Sustainable Funds for Prevention

  6. Prevent Initial Perpetration of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Join us and learn more about ways to expand the conversation and strategic planning around prevention-related policies in communities across the country!

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