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Free NEARI Press Webinar -Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention on December 16th at 3pmET!

10 Dec 2014 3:55 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

Adapted summary: This webinar is based upon the free book titled "Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention" written by Joan Tabachnick for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC). The basic information provided in this webinar will be helpful to anyone concerned about sexual violence or working professionally in this field with either victims/survivors or those who have caused the harm.  Whether you are new to the field or an experienced professional, this course provides the basics for how to encourage friends and family to deter and possibly prevent sexual violence.Space is limited, so please register now to be guaranteed a spot!

Title: Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention

Presenter: Joan Tabachnick
Date: December 16, 2014
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST 

To register for this free webinar simply Click Here to enter the registration system or use the link below to go to the webinar to register: http://www.nearipress.org/free-webinars/192

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