Applying for Membership


Individuals and organizations operating at the national level are invited to apply for National Coalition membership.

  • Organizational membership is open to organizations at the national level that advocate for the healthy development of children and youth, with a special interest in preventing child sexual abuse/child exploitation. A senior staff member is to be designated as the National Coalition representative.
  • National Leader membership is open to individuals advocating at a national level for the prevention of child sexual abuse and/or child exploitation.
  • Affiliate membership is open to individuals, businesses, and organizations advocating for, the prevention of child sexual abuse and/or child exploitation at the local, state or regional level.

Regardless of membership type, each membership applicant must have a history of actions and activities that demonstrates alignment with the coalition’s values, mission and national plan.  Each applicant must agree in writing to be actively engaged in the roles and responsibilities of membership.

STEP 1: Read

In your application, you will be asked if you have read, understand and agree with:

  • Advancing the National Plan to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation
  • The Terms of Use of the National Coalition's logo, hyperlink and print materials
STEP 2: Apply

Please fill out the membership application.

If you have any questions, please email:

Membership Dues

Dues will be established so as to recognize the time and funds expended by an organization to meet their roles and responsibilities as a National Coalition member, while also helping to support the educational and administration functions of the coalition, including, but not limited to:

  • Coalition meeting expenses
  • Operating costs of the website
  • Scholarship for members to attend the annual Coalition meeting
  • Development and design of materials for distribution

Annual Dues are to be paid by January 1st of each year –

  • Organizational membership: $250
  • National Leaders membership: $125
  • Affiliate membership: $75

National organizations which manage a chapter, affiliate or local network of sites shall pay an annual organizational fee, while its sites shall be assessed an annual affiliate membership fee.

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The individuals and organizations listed as part of the National Coalition are or were part of the Coalition and have endorsed the general concepts underlying information on this website. As with all documents covering a broad area, it is important to recognize that the degree of commitment to particular items on this site may vary from organization-to organization. The website does, however, represent input from all representatives and their commitment to advance the work of the National Coalition in ways that fit within their missions and the larger Coalition goals.

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