Prevention Action: Summits and Policy Work
Policy Work
A 2011  priority for the Coalition is development of a policy agenda.
"Public policy based on evidence and inspired by innovation can serve as a powerful cornerstone to shifting the individual, cultural, societal, and institutional norms we practice to keep children safe from sexual exploitation. It is our job as advocates for children to think creatively and employ science to bring about the shifts in public policy necessary for the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children." - Alisa Klein, MAIPS, Alisa Klein Consulting
History of Summit Work
Coalition National Summit Planning
 A National Summit to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation was a key strategy to advance the Coalition's National Plan.  In order to get prevention on a wider variety of agenda's,  to inspire more champions in prevention and bring together more diverse  perspectives toward solutions and further build a prevention movement, the idea was to spark action with a Summit of 200 invited leaders and creative thinkers in the field of child sexual abuse & exploitation with voices of personal experience and those in federal agencies, policy makers, non-profit organizations, faith, law enforcement,  academics, health & public health, technology, media and other businesses.

For a few years ending early in 2010, Coalition members worked diligently at first in partnership with Mayo Clinic and then with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to bring the Summit to reality. Ultimately, The Coalition needed to face that resources were not able to be marshaled  for the event and that Coalition efforts to advance prevention needed to shift away from a Summit.  

The National Summit model which had evolved from Mayo's Clinics Health Policy Forums was to be used to inspire state Summits. While the national effort didn't come to pass, the state one did beginning  with one in December, 2009 in Minnesota.

 The Minnesota Summit 
The MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault with co-sponsors including five state departments hosted the MN Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence. The plan was for this state summit to follow the  national summit that the Coalition was working to produce to advance their National Prevention plan. Resources did not come together for the National Summit so the MN Summit became a model. CALCASA/Prevent-Connect filmed several segments and the report complete with several prevention tools for easy use are easily reached through this link.

Other State Planning Summits:


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